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Epoq launches new added benefit legal service for protection policyholders

A new service specifically designed for the protection industry, which gives policyholders a simple, online way to deal with legal issues, has launched today. Legal for Life has been created by Epoq to provide an added benefit service that can be used regularly by protection customers, thereby keeping clients in touch with their policy benefits […]

How valuable are added benefits on protection policies?

Epoq’s Dave Jones explains why added value benefits on protection policies matter. This article first appeared on the Cover Magazine website in April 2016. Imagine you’re driving alone at night in a downpour. The engine splutters and gasps its last and you pull over into a lay-by. You’re not mechanically minded and the conditions mean […]

Survey: Do added benefits help advisers sell protection products and give greater value to their clients?

Earlier this year, we commissioned a survey to find out if life and protection insurance advisers think that including added benefits to an insurance policy is of value to both their clients and their firms and if not, what are the reasons. In particular, we wanted to know if advisers thought a legal service which […]

Whitepaper: building consumer trust and lifetime value in the life sector

Increased competition, challenging market conditions, disaffected and more demanding consumers are making it more difficult for life insurers to gain market share. How can insurers differentiate themselves from the competition? How can they give and demonstrate value to their customers? In this free whitepaper we look at the market forces affecting insurance providers and identify […]