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Press release: Employees value their pets over their income

New research by Epoq Legal indicates that employees are more likely to insure their pets than their salary. Epoq’s new research into employee-paid and self-paid insurance benefits, reveals that 32% of those surveyed have pet insurance in comparison to 25% with some form of income protection. The research was conducted by Opinium in June 2018 […]

Whitepaper: The FCA’s transparency at renewal rules – a threat or an opportunity?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is introducing new measures to increase the transparency of information provided by insurers to policyholders when they come to renew their cover. These measures will come into effect on 1st April this year and are part of the regulator’s efforts to improve outcomes for customers. In our latest whitepaper, we […]

Epoq 2016 News Round-up

Below is a round-up of Epoq’s news updates, articles and whitepapers in 2016. Click on the titles to read more. Banking 21.07.16 – Sometimes it just makes sense … 03.03.16 – Downloads: Value-add legal services for the banking sector 26.01.16 – Creating customer loyalty in the banking sector: the role of legal services Employee benefits […]

10 reasons to provide legal services with an insurance policy

At Epoq, we regularly carry-out surveys to get feedback from users of our service to make sure we’re providing the best possible service for our clients and their customers. Below are some comments from our last survey which highlight the value policyholders derive from our online legal services when attached to an insurance policy. “An […]

Press release: Direct Line for Business Choose Epoq Legal to Enhance its Business and Landlord Insurance Propositions

New legal document service offers policyholders greater protection for their business London, 12th April 2016 – Leading UK insurance provider, Direct Line for Business has chosen Epoq Legal to provide value-add legal services as an enhancement to its landlord and small business insurance products. Launched in February this year, the Direct Line for Business Legal […]

Whitepaper: Creating value for insurance customers

Insurers in the UK have been under the scrutiny of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is looking to create more effective competition in the market and better outcomes for consumers. At the same time, insurance customers are often disengaged and disloyal, increasingly shopping around and switching to a cheaper provider. How can insurers address […]

Survey: Do added benefits help advisers sell protection products and give greater value to their clients?

Earlier this year, we commissioned a survey to find out if life and protection insurance advisers think that including added benefits to an insurance policy is of value to both their clients and their firms and if not, what are the reasons. In particular, we wanted to know if advisers thought a legal service which […]

How legal services can empower change in the protection market

Financial services and legal services are often inextricably linked at important life events, such as getting married, setting up home, having children, getting divorced, or buying or selling a property. These are all points at which individuals might review their life and other protection covers and times when insurers can provide customers with connected services […]

Whitepaper: The rise of the novice landlord – an opportunity for landlord insurers and service providers

UK pension reforms, a buoyant property market and low interest rates are, in combination, expected to result in a surge of over-55s investing their pension savings in buy-to-let properties. But is buying to let such a safe bet? What are the risks facing these novice landlords, and what can insurers and service providers do to […]

Whitepaper: building consumer trust and lifetime value in the life sector

Increased competition, challenging market conditions, disaffected and more demanding consumers are making it more difficult for life insurers to gain market share. How can insurers differentiate themselves from the competition? How can they give and demonstrate value to their customers? In this free whitepaper we look at the market forces affecting insurance providers and identify […]