The scores are in! Epoq’s 2018 customer feedback survey reveals an overall satisfaction rate of 90%

Today, millions of consumers and small businesses worldwide have access to Epoq’s online legal document and advice services.

To make sure we’re offering the best possible service, we regularly ask our customers for feedback on several aspects of our service, including how easy it is to use and the quality of the documents, advice and support given. Any issues or problems highlighted are escalated to the department concerned and addressed immediately where possible.

Our most recent survey has revealed a high level of satisfaction overall, with 90% rating the service either excellent or very good. 86% of responders found the online service easy to use and 90% thought the documents they created using the system were of a high quality. In addition, 89% rated the quality of the advice and support given by the legal team as excellent or very good. And, where our service is made available via an insurer, 82% of customers said having access to the service made them more likely to renew their insurance policy.

Finally, when asked if they would recommend the Epoq service to family or friends, 97% of survey responders said they would.

Here are some of the comments we received

“Amazed at how easy it was. Have renewed based on this service and service of call centre.”

“Very good service, I would recommend to others to take out the legal part of their home insurance.”

“I was amazed at the level of legal help in regard to the legal documentation which I could access. For this alone, I’ll renew without question.”

“Excellent free legal review service. This was a selling point on the policy!”

“Very good, I needed to arrange new codicils to my wife and my Wills quickly due to ill health and was able to do so using your codicils very rapidly and cheaply.”

“First class. More thorough and robust than any other online process!!

“We thought it an excellent service, the forms were explanatory and easy to complete. We are not masters of modern technology but your technical department helped us with advice when we needed it.”

“They made it so easy to complete the forms and when I contacted them, they were very polite, helpful and informative.”

“A worthwhile system-based tool which gives an excellent overview of services offered. In addition, provides key information on a variety of legal issues that we may well encounter.”

For more information about our online legal document and advice service, email us or call on 020 8731 2424.