10 reasons to offer an online will writing service

Most people know that a will is an important legal document, but many put off making one because the fear the process is going to be complex, time consuming and costly. Epoq’s online will writing service is available as an add-on to an insurance or other consumer product and offers a simple, stress-free and cost-effective way to make a will. Below is some feed-back from users of our service:

“I’m so happy I have sorted out my will. I didn’t think it could be so straight forward.”

“Very efficient, easy to use service. l’m delighted to have finally got my will sorted.”

“Encouraged me to finally write my will.”

“A great service available for amazing value for money. We needed simple mirror wills, which would have cost much more if we had to use a solicitor. Very happy that we included this service in our house insurance policy.”

“I was unsure to start with but the online process was very easy to follow and gave relevant advice as required to ensure the questions were answered correctly.”

“I have been needing to rewrite our will for a while now but it is quite daunting. Using this facility was far less intimidating.”

“Took the negative emotion out of writing a will.”

“Great. Feel really reassured I have my will sorted how I want it. Great peace of mind for me.”

“I was delighted to use the service without having to go to a solicitor. I decided there and then not to put off any longer making my will and I feel happy that it is now done and legal. Thank you!”

“A very easy way to save both time and money and get peace of mind knowing that your family will have no trouble knowing your wishes at a very stressful time.”

To find out more about our online will writing service, simply email us or call on 020 8731 2424.