Those little things that get in the way …

I read an article yesterday that I thought summed up the need for employers to really think about what they can do to help their employees in times of need.

The article is here.

The use of the phrase “whole life wellbeing” is crucial to understanding what’s going on here; aside from the obvious elements of wellbeing such as health and fitness, more and more employers are turning their attention to things like the financial wellbeing of their staff, recognising that financial worries can be a major contributor to stress, and even family breakdown. And of course, these worries can take many different forms at different life stages.

But it’s possible to go further than just financial support;  giving employees the tools to deal with some of the more minor, but often  regular issues – you know, the day-to-day “niggles” that get in people’s way – can also help them stay healthy, happy, focused and productive.

In the last 6 months or so we at Epoq have been working with employers, benefit platforms and EAP providers to embed some simple but really effective tools into the employee benefit mix. Whether it’s helping employees deal with a nuisance neighbour, challenge an unfair parking ticket, make a consumer complaint or get their estate in order, simply having access to our tools is proving something of a hit all round.

So, have a think about that concept of “whole life wellbeing” and ask yourself if you are doing enough to support your staff for their benefit and, of course, your own.

Andrew Walker is the commercial director at Epoq.