10 reasons to provide legal services with an insurance policy

Businessman using smart phoneAt Epoq, we regularly carry-out surveys to get feedback from users of our service to make sure we’re providing the best possible service for our clients and their customers.

Below are some comments from our last survey which highlight the value policyholders derive from our online legal services when attached to an insurance policy.

  1. “An excellent addition to the insurance [insurer] provide.”
  1. “The fact this is available to me will definitely be a big factor for me when it’s time to renew next year; a really good service to provide.”
  1. “Excellent service, particularly as included in the price of the insurance.”
  1. “Fantastic that I could get an up to date tenancy agreement included in my cover, I’m delighted, well done.”
  1. “Excellent idea, making [insurer] stand out in the insurance industry.”
  1. “This service is remarkable, and I think that you would attract more customers if it were advertised more prominently.”
  1. “Great idea, certainly an added bonus to my policy that will make me think twice before going with another insurer.”
  1. “It’s a valuable service and would certainly place [insurer] at the top of my list of future home insurers. Thank you!”
  1. “Excellent add-on service, thanks!”
  1. “Fantastic service & I wasn’t expecting it, an added bonus for switching to [insurer]!”

To find out more about our added-benefit legal services, call 020 8731 2424 or complete our online enquiry form.