Epoq North America Launches Novel Legal Service Benefit Offering for Brokers

LawAssure Lets Advisors Capitalize on Rise in Legal Services as Employee Benefit

Grahame Cohen 2011 (2)Troy, Michigan (07/07/2016) – Epoq North America has announced the launch of LawAssure for Brokers, a ground-breaking approach to legal services as an employee benefit. LawAssure is available to qualified group benefit brokers and advisors as well as to insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPAs) and others that support broker networks.

LawAssure’s low price point can help group benefits brokers and advisors address the rise in this type of benefit.  According to the 2016 Employee Benefits Report from SHRM, the percentage of employers offering legal services has increased to 25% this year – up from 13% two decades ago.

New Type of Legal Benefit Can Fill Gap

“While employers have increased the use of legal services as an employee benefit, the vast majority haven’t added it because it’s been pretty expensive to do so until now,” noted Grahame Cohen, CEO Epoq, NA. “LawAssure gives brokers and advisors an inexpensive way to fill this gap with a new type of legal benefit.”

“Brokers and advisors see LawAssure as a way to create more competitive proposals; add value for their Clients and facilitate engagement with employee participants. Sponsoring LawAssure as a gift is also a great way to strengthen their relationships with Clients,” added Cohen.

Why Legal Service Benefits Matter

Most American households (70%)1 face a legal issue every year. Handling legal problems can be frustrating for employees – distracting them at work, lowering their productivity and negatively impacting an employer’s bottom line. Adding legal services to employee benefits plans make sense for businesses that want to help ease pressure on its employees and its bottom line.

How LawAssure is Different

Attorneys’ fees can quickly add up at $100-$500 per hour for employees who face legal issues prompted by divorce; the birth of a child; loss of a parent or spouse; a health crisis or a host of other situations. Traditional legal service benefits are less expensive, but they typically cost the employee $20 per month ($240 per year).

LawAssure’s low price point for brokers and advisors along with its interactive approach and Rapidocs technology platform makes it different from traditional legal service benefit offerings. For example, qualified brokers, advisors, carriers and TPAs pay a reasonable monthly subscription fee that gives them access to LawAssure for less than $5 per employee per year.

LawAssure mimics the personal question and answer session a lawyer would typically have with a client when drafting a legal document – making it easy and convenient to create even complex legal documents anywhere, anytime.

“Those who qualify for the LawAssure program can either price it to meet their Client’s needs or wrap it into their own solutions at no charge to the Client,” noted Cohen.  Anyone interested in seeing the service in action, can Try it for themselves at no charge; stop by our booth (#126) at Workplace Benefits Mania; or contact Clifford Cohen at 323.974.3838 or clifford@epoqlegal.com.”

About Epoq North America

Epoq North America is a legal services and assistance company whose mission is to make law easy. LawAssure supports this with a ground-breaking approach providing group benefits brokers and advisors with a comprehensive, affordable legal service they can offer Clients as part of an employee benefit solution.

Epoq North America is part of the Epoq Legal Group, one of the world’s largest providers of online and assisted legal services. Epoq is trusted by major companies to provide over 500,000 legal document services every year to their customers. Founded in 1994, Epoq is a pioneer in the development of online legal document services – now the most widely used solutions of their kind in the UK.


1 American Bar Association, Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer Research Findings (April 2002).