How can IFAs use legal services to build stronger relationships with their clients?

New pic smallTrusts, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) provide important additions to many financial products and services. However, it is often a challenge for financial advisers to provide these and other documents to a high standard, whilst maintaining control of their client relationships and protecting their reputation

Now, through Epoq IFAs can provide their clients with a range of law firm-quality legal documents, such as Wills and LPAs without the need to pass clients onto a solicitor or other third party.

The Epoq system allows advisers to give clients access to a document preparation service conveniently online or over the phone. Alternatively, advisers can use the system to prepare a legal document on their clients’ behalf. In this way, advisers can maintain control of their client relationships, protect their reputation and engender client loyalty.

Furthermore, the sale of legal documents will not only provide additional revenue for the adviser, but the information gathered when preparing a document can be used to create new cross sell opportunities.

The benefits for advisers

By providing legal services advisers can offer clients a complete service to ensure they are getting the right level of protection for their needs and, in particular:

  • Give clients a more holistic protection service
  • Create cross-sell and revenue generating opportunities
  • Maintain control of their client relationships
  • Provide the opportunity to communicate with clients more regularly
  • Build stronger, longer term relationships with clients
  • Engender client loyalty and encourage referrals
  • Tailor service delivery according to client needs
  • Enhance and protect their reputation

In combination, these benefits will help advisers to achieve a position of trust and empower them to maximise the opportunity for client retention and income generation.

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