Are consumers becoming more confident about using online legal services?

iStock_000011223643Large[1]The findings of recent research comparing methods of delivering divorce services published jointly by Legal Services Board (LSB) and the Legal Services Consumer Panel (LSCP)* would suggest that they might be.

The objective of the research was to provide insight into the consumer experience of divorce and if that experience differed between online or face to face delivery. It also sought to identify any regulatory risks associated with online delivery.

Key findings published in the report and in the LSB’s press release show high levels of satisfaction amongst online users:

  • Levels of customer satisfaction for traditional providers was 79% and online providers 83%
  • Online users are nearly three times as likely to recommend their online provider when compared to users of a typical high street law firm
  • Online divorce services are reported to be significantly cheaper and more likely to be quoted on a fixed fee basis
  • Online applicants go through the process faster than those seeking face-to-face advice
  • More users of online services than traditional services felt that the process was easier than they anticipated and involved less effort

These findings are not a surprise to us at Epoq. Over the many years that we’ve been delivering legal services online, feedback from our customers has consistently shown high levels of satisfaction with the speed, ease and quality of our online services. And, as our technology significantly cuts down delivery costs, we can provide services at a much lower price than traditional firms.

As the LSB says in its press release “The advantages of online service delivery are clear: it offers more choice to and can make legal services more affordable for consumers” – a simple but compelling proposition for today’s increasingly tech-savvy and busy consumers and one at the heart of Epoq’s mission to make law easy.

* Comparing methods of service delivery: A case study on divorce. Report of findings. 17th March 2015. Prepared for: Legal Services Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel