15 reasons to offer legal services with an insurance policy

Family (2)1. “A great service that made me renew my policy”

2. “Good option to have on your insurance. Makes you think about planning ahead for long term care and what arrangements need to be made such as a lasting power of attorney.”

3. “One of the main reasons for renewing my house insurance policy”

4. “A very quick and easy to use service and all done from the comfort of my own home. I now have a professional looking Will and peace of mind. Everything I expected and more from a winning the team, well done [insurer]. Thank you”

5. “Good additional bonus to the standard Insurance buying”

6. “Really glad that this service was provided – I think it is a good selling point and would have influenced my choice to choose [insurer] if I had been unsure”

7. “I think the service is very good and helpful and well worth having insurance with [insurer] to get help with legal matters”

8. “I can’t believe I got for nothing what our lawyer wanted £600 for. Fantastic service”

9. “It was very easy to add on to my policy, and very cheap to do so at just over £1 a month extra, I created a will which was simple and straight forward to do. It had been something I was putting off doing for a while as thought it would be complicated but with [insurer] it was simple”

10. “Very useful, very pleased I added it to my policy. Would definitely recommended and have already done so”

11. “A very good addition to the house and contents insurance. Not many insurers include this as free with the policy. It’s reassuring to know it’s there if I want to use it”

12. “An excellent value-add service when purchasing home insurance with legal cover”

13. “It’s a very useful service which is a bonus for those who have Home insurance with the [insurer]. We finally got around to doing our wills!”

14. “Good alternative to otherwise costly service”

15.  “They are a surprising bonus to my car insurance”

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