Closing the gap: increasing consumer understanding and trust in the insurance sector

Research by the FCA in 2013 indicated that there is a significant gap in understanding and trust between consumers and insurance providers. Closing this gap was identified by Simon Green, Head of General Insurance at the FCA as being a top priority for the Regulator in 2014 and beyond.

What can insurers do to close this gap?

In this latest whitepaper from Epoq, we assess the opportunities for insurers to deliver services that not only close this gap, but also meet their conduct obligations

Specifically, this paper looks at how the adoption of a service-led  proposition can add demonstrable value to the insured and lead to greater levels of understanding and trust amongst consumers.

To find out more, simply download your free copy by clicking link below:

Closing the Gap – Epoq Insurance Sector Whitepaper Feb2014

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