Innovation in the legal services market – growth, skills and emerging business models

We’re delighted to announce our Chairman, Richard Cohen’s participation in a Westminster Legal Forum event on 11th March 2014.

Entitled “Innovation in the legal services market – growth, skills and emerging business models”, the seminar will consider how effectively a liberalised legal services market is encouraging innovation, growth and enterprise in the provision of legal services. It is scheduled as policymakers and legal regulators consider wide-ranging proposals for reform affecting the future of the legal services market, including Government’s current review of the legal services statutory framework, and the recently published Legal Education and Training Review.

Richard will be speaking during the session on technology, automation and innovation which aims to answer some important questions about how legal service are delivered – now and in the future.

  • In what ways is the emergence of the online legal services market influencing the ways in which law firms operate and consumers access legal services, and what are the prospects for its future growth?
  • What sectors are proving most receptive to automation, and to what extent does the “unbundling” of legal services provide a viable way for practitioners to compete?
  • How is the use of legal software – including tools to facilitate document creation, case management and compliance – influencing both the internal and customer-facing operations of law firms?
  • In what ways is legal process outsourcing providing firms with further ways to improve competitiveness, reduce overheads and ensure profitability, and what are the limitations of its use?
  • What consumer priorities are emerging across an evolving market place, particularly in relation to choice, financial protection and complaint handling?
  • How effectively has the Legal Education and Training review responded to recent trends, and what skills are legal employers looking for in tomorrow’s practitioners?
  • How might traditional skill sets need to better incorporate expertise in areas such as management, ethics, professionalism and communication?

To find our more and book your place, visit the Westminster Legal Forum website.