Share with colleagues and collaborate with clients; the latest enhancements to Rapidocs LawDraft

Epoq’s Rapidocs LawDraft system has been enhanced by the introduction of a number of new features that significantly improve its effectiveness as an in-house document drafting tool.

New pic smallA web-based system, Rapidocs LawDraft has been used by law firms for a number of years to increase the speed, accuracy and efficiency of drafting legal documents and completing forms (see a case study here).  The system consists of three main components; document automation software (Rapidocs), hundreds of legal document templates, and online access, which combine to create a powerful ‘use anywhere’ drafting tool.

Rapidocs LawDraft is also incredibly easy to use; the user has simply to answer a series of questions via an online questionnaire and the document template is automatically updated with the appropriate data and clauses.  Draft documents can be saved, edited, exported into Word or PDF and stored all within the system.

Our recent enhancements have made the system much more efficient for the user by enabling the sharing of draft documents amongst colleagues and even with clients. This is particularity useful where input from others is necessary to complete a document and negates the need to pass paper documents to and fro (removing the associated risks of lost drafts, data errors and delays).

In the case of client collaboration, the system allows a lawyer to give their client secure, controlled temporary access to the document questionnaire to answer some, if not all of the questions required to finalise a draft. The lawyer can then retrieve this draft from the system, check and amend it as necessary. If input is required from a colleague, the draft can then be shared with them via the system too.

So, what are the advantages of this method of drafting and sharing?

Perhaps the most obvious is time-saving for the lawyer. By enabling easy input from others – be it a colleague or a client – the time taken to collate and input all the data required to compile a document that is tailored to an individual’s circumstances can be significantly reduced.

Convenience too is an important benefit. Rapidocs LawDraft is an online system, and so can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This allows the lawyer, the colleague and the client to work on the document at time and place of their choosing – from their home in the evening, for example. And where a client is inputting their own data, the risks of errors caused by transcribing from hand-written notes can be eliminated.

But the lawyer always maintains control. The system includes an intuitive dashboard from where the lawyer can manage access, request input, append notes, track progress, communicate with colleagues and clients via email and store files, all from one place.

Last but not least, in combination these benefits can result in significant cost-savings for the law firm or department, as well as freeing up lawyer time for tasks that are less mundane and more profitable than drafting documents.

For more information about our Rapidocs LawDraft system visit the website or call us on 0845 644 9444.