Document automation? Document assembly? Digital drafting?

In a recent article in the Legal IT Insider newsletter, Charles Christian asked why more law firms don’t adopt document automation as a practice efficiency tool in the same way they have embraced word processing and digital dictation. He believes document automation should be another ‘no brainer’, but many law firms continue to cut-and-paste clauses together from previous templates. Not only is this method time-consuming and inefficient, it is also prone to errors.

So why are law firms seemingly so reluctant to adopt the much speedier, efficient and consistent system of document automation?

Charles suggests this may be down to branding and the word ‘automation’, which he says ‘smacks a little too much of cutting the human element, the lawyer, out of the loop and heading down the road to de-skilling and, by implication, downsizing’.

We think he has a point here and is certainly a very real fear we’ve encountered when talking to lawyers over the years. That’s not to say there aren’t many law firms who have embraced automation and seen instant and dramatic improvements in the overall efficiencies of their departments.

And, as one of our law firm customers has put it; “…doing things quicker and more efficiently simply means we make more money”.

A no brainer indeed!

Read Charles’ piece in full here.