New product from Epoq helps drive insurance broker revenues

Epoq recently launched a new consumer legal plan that enables insurance brokers to continue to work compliantly and profitably with personal injury firms and claims management companies (CMCs), and offers claimants a range of other legal services.

LegalGo provides consumers with assistance from a law firm with PI claims and also offers free access to a general legal helpline, a selection of online legal document drafting services and referrals for other legal services. The plan is serviced and administered by Epoq.

The system enables the insurance broker to sign up the claimant to the free legal plan via a simple online registration process using the claimant’s contact details. An email is then sent to the claimant enabling them to accept the terms of the plan and contact the law firm assigned by the broker or CMC directly.

Richard Cohen, solicitor and Executive Chairman of Epoq, says: “LegalGo offers brokers a fully-compliant tool from which to secure new revenue streams through closer working with law firms and CMCs. It also negates the need for brokers to seek new regulatory structures to get around the ban and so allows them to focus on what they do best”

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