Epoq solution offers lifeline to personal injury firms and increased access to justice for consumers

Epoq recently launched a consumer legal plan that enables solicitors to continue working with personal injury referrers.  LegalGo is a free legal assistance plan which claims management companies (CMCs) distribute to claimants.

As well as providing consumers with assistance from the law firm with their PI claims, LegalGo also offers free access to a general legal helpline, a selection of online legal document drafting services and referrals for other legal services. The plan is serviced and administered by Epoq.

Richard Cohen, solicitor and Executive Chairman of Epoq, says: “LegalGo offers a much-needed lifeline to personal injury law firms and referrers in light of the recent referral fee ban. LegalGo offers a simple proposition that delivers extra value for claimants and solicitors, and allows both law firms and CMCs to build stronger relationships with claimants by offering a wide range of services. It also negates the need for law firms and CMCs to seek new regulatory structures to get around the ban and so allows them to focus on what they do best.

“Importantly, in the face of unprecedented and savage legal aid cuts, it gives thousands of consumers with a legitimate personal injury claim access to much-needed and affordable legal assistance in respect of other legal issues.”

LegalGo works within existing supply chains and networks, and does not impose any additional regulatory burdens or require the establishment of exclusive relationships.

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