Unbundling may be the key to legal aid survival

Richard Cohen croppedRichard Cohen, solicitor and chairman of Epoq presented at the Law Society’s Legal Aid Conference on 14th March 2013.

Writing on the Law Society Gazette website, jounalist Catherine Baksi reported that: “Solicitor and chief executive of legal software provider Epoq Richard Cohen told delegates that ‘unbundling’ would be necessary for firms to compete with new big brands entering the market. ‘The legal profession is the last bastion against self-service, but it will be forced to accept it, due to cost and competition,’ he said.

Cohen said the process offered benefits for firms, expanding their market and generating more work, and for clients – making legal advice more affordable, less intimidating and giving them greater control.

He added: ‘There is nothing in the Code of Conduct that would limit engagement, but you have to be clear with the client what you will do and what they will do.’”

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