Epoq Chairman Presenting at Law Society Legal Aid Conference 2013

Richard Cohen croppedOur Chairman, Richard Cohen will be presenting at the Law Society’s Legal Aid Conference on 14th March 2013.

Presenting during the open plenary session entitled: Responding to the changing world, is technology the answer? Richard will be explaining how law firms can unbundle their services through cloud computing and the benefits this can bring to both lawyer and client.

Presented by subject matter experts, the event will include:

  • An opening debate on what technology has to offer firms and the limitations of this for clients
  • Continuing life after LASPO, how the new legal aid rules apply to family and social welfare law
  • Advocacy, how in house advocacy can increase fees, efficiency and client service
  • Repackaging your services looking at unbundling and the regulatory challenges it poses
  • Pricing and marketing your services, fixed fee models and attracting private clients
  • How to ensure you claim your full criminal fee entitlement
  • Life under the continuing legal aid system, funding options where legal aid is no longer available
  • How to ensure you claim you full civil fee entitlement
  • Auditing and contract compliance, what to expect post LASPO
  • Closing plenary on responding to the changing world, running your business

Visit the Law Society website for more details.