Fixed fees more important to clients than brand names, says major research

Clients view fixed fees and online access to the progress of their case – but not brand names – as key elements of legal services they would buy, according to unique new research.

It also revealed that law firms see other practices closing as a result of alternative business structures and legal aid cuts as a key opportunity in the coming months and years.

The surveys, conducted by Peppermint Technology in association with Epoq, the company behind DirectLaw, polled 1,017 consumers, 150 businesses of between 75 and 3,000 employees, and 167 law firms, to gather opinions on what clients really want from a legal service provider.

Potential clients were asked how they would go about finding a legal services provider, the key factors that influence their decision, questions around communicating with their solicitor and the role of fixed fees. The law firms were asked how they thought their clients viewed these questions and about what they considered their main opportunities and threats.

Our founder and chief technology officer, Grahame Cohen said of the report:

“As the major provider of online document service capability to law firms and big brands, the findings of this research match Epoq’s experience of how the legal services market is evolving.  Price certainty and ease of access were shown to be highly valued by buyers of legal services and is a focus that has underpinned the development of all our products.

We predict that as the various brands start to educate the market about their choices, law firms will need to offer clear and certain pricing and flexible access if clients, both consumer and business, are to willingly engage with them”.